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Jul 9, 2010 3:05am EDT
don't we at least set the story straight. jeremy said, get me a deejay, i want an in-house deejay. >> i made demands. deejay redlox is here. do you have a song for us? i don't have a request, i want deejay's choice. m.j. willis, you like that one? >> yeah, baby! >> we've got to get a exam raf willis dancing. >> i'm going to miss willis. i'm going to miss all of you guys. >> go to facebook, we're going to put this all in throughout the morning. >> a short time ago, this woman suffered from around his house. these people chose freedom over restrictions. independence over limitations. they chose mobility. they chosehe scooter store. and this is the team of mobility experts who made it all happen. ii great news, you've been approved for payment. dr. cruz, i'm calling on behalf ofmarie stanford. and they can make it happen for you. hi, i'm doug harrison, if you're living with limited mobility, call the scooter store today. i promise, no other company will work harder to make you mobile or do more to ensure your total satisfaction. i expected they'd help me file some paperw
Jul 25, 2010 11:00pm PDT
for us. george. >> reporter: jeremy lynn would be the first one to tell you, the doesn't think about being asian-american on the basketball court, focuses on the game. many believe he had to fight to earn respect at every level in a sport there are not many asian faces. when the golden state warriors signed former palo alto basketball star, jeremy lynn, they were sent into a tailspin about how jeremy was breaking the glass ceiling for asian-americans in the nba. >> i start to think about, wow, there's a lot of little kids that look up to me. i'm very thankful for this opportunity and the responsibilit responsibility. >> he's made a great impression. >> reporter: one of those kids he has inspired is 14-year-old brice ogetta, wants to follow jeremy's path into college and nba. >> gives us hope to play basketball. >> reporter: many of the articles on the asian-american websites are celebrating his rise to the nba but they believe he has to prove himself even more and convinced he was overlooked by division i powerhouses in high school and nba because of his asian background. he says his
Jul 25, 2010 10:30am PDT
3% to 4% that is longer than long-term treasury bonds. >> jeremy, ask you about the reform. the president signed the financial regulatory reform law this week. what do you think this regulation means for the financial stability and economic growth. do you think the financial services industry will look very different say two years out? >> probably not. a lot othe worst measures were toned down. the 50 to $75 million bank bailout fund which by the way, now looks like the government for fannie and freddie will be making money on its investments in the bank and it seems to be that that was not a necessary feature. a lot of those were eliminated at the end. it depends on the regulators that they put in. there's a lot of flexibility. there's a lot of scope in this bill for the regulators to act. you have good regulators in there, and there are some very positive features. if you get them in there, they can do a lot of harm so we'll have to see who is actually going to go in there and how they're going to regulate it. i actually think the industry can live with this and for the o
Jul 25, 2010 7:30am EDT
brothers turned business partners, jeremy, lance, and steven. going into business with your close friends may sound risky but these guys have figured out how to make it work. >> this is the promotion we ran. >> they found that a clear division of responsibilities has helped them tackle the challenges of managing the startup and avoid any personal drama. >> whenever the discussion gets a little fiery, we're always just like, friends first, friends first. >> jeremy and steven, both avid climbers, wrote a business plan for a climbing gym while studying entrepreneurship at college. they went their separate ways after graduation but continued to pursue their idea. >> new york city didn't really have any true climbing gyms. >> we realized that we have all the capabilities, so we figured, why not? let's go for it. >> from the start their roles have been defined. jeremy, who works in finance in boston, came up with the projections and model. and he and steven pitched the idea to their families. >> there's 36 million americans that claim that they climb. you know, we can find at least a few thousa
Jul 1, 2010 3:05am EDT
'll take a look at that coming up this half hour. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> hurricane alex has come ashore. the fiercest june hurricane in 44 years. the storm hit last night just south of the texas/mexico border as a category 2 hurricane. >> alex is heading west over land now. its fierce winds and rain are being felt across hundreds of miles. ryan owens is on south padre island, texas, which has been feeling the storm's effects. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: jeremy and vinita, good morning to you both. hurricane alex made landfall with winds of more than 100 miles an hour. fortunately for the people of south texas, this storm also made landfall more than 100 miles to the south in mexico. that landfall happened about 9:00 local time last night. and since then as you can see, things have calmed down significantly. it's not even raining now. you see the power is still on here on the island. it actually stayed on during the entire storm to the surprise of a lot of people. the lasting legacy of alex will be his rain. keep in mind, this was a huge storm. at one point, tak
Jul 20, 2010 11:00pm PDT
will send palo alto native jeremy nguyen tomorrow. and if he plays pro, he'll be only the third asian-american to do so. loren, you spoke with his agent tonight. >> sure did. he said he expects the deal to be final tomorrow. jeremy lynn shined at palo alto high school. and now the real opportunity for him is to work with kids at summer camp in palo alto. this is a story of perseverance. that's where we caught up with him. you know, he did not get a basketball scholarship offer out of high school. so good grades took him to harvard where he joined the men's team and lit up the ivy league. then after going undrafted, he joined the mavericks summer league team. here we are with him on the verge of him joining his team growing up, the warriors which also makes this such a special story is he could become one of a handful of asian-americans to play in the nba. he's believed to be the first drafted by the knicks and played a few games in 1947. university of san francisco head coach rex walters who played high school basketball in san jose and he's also japanese-american played in the nba fr
Jul 27, 2010 11:35pm PDT
spawned a cottage industry of sites devoted to poking fun of all kinds of human folly. and for jeremy hubbard, the best kinds of human folly. and for jeremy hubbard, the best of the worst in human error is tonight's "sign of the times." >> reporter: let's all pause for a moment and celebrate human failure. it's everywhere on the internet, from those family photos that aren't exactly frame-worthy, to those cooking experiences that have turned into cake wrecks. and then there are those arts and crafts projects that, well, i don't even know what to say i don't even know what to say about this. >> you know, everybody is so sensitive, and if you make fun of their hat. >> reporter: april says it's time we let go of our ego. >> i don't think that is funny at all. >> reporter: i've been really interested in things that are misguided or miss the market. >> this might be my favorite part. ready? i love bad music, i love bad acting. one of my favorite movies is "show girls." she makes a living making fun. >> these are lobster still life panties. >> reporter: awhile back, she discovered a website
Jul 21, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. very exciting day, judging by the amount of media on hand for this introduction, local product jeremy lynn already a fan favorite are. we will hear from the newest warrior and his parents. and another warrior injury, how long will david lee be out of basketball commission. . and it may take him years, but matt watson realized a big had-league dream today. those details in sports. >>> if you were out at that a's game today, you know how cool it has been in the bay area, 66, san jose, 59, oakland. lots of low cs loudanin s clou francisco. a warmup finely if the forecast. we look at that when we come back. >>> great white sharks just off the northern california coast. yesterday, fishermen told police they had seen what they thought was a great white and fipeople said that as well. garvin thomas went to find out. >> reporter: you no doubt notice the ritual before, a surfer, before ever putting on his or her wet suit, takes a moment to check out conditions, the break, the wind, the tide, and of course in capitola today, this was there was the sign, the one police putting up warning a shar
Jul 22, 2010 5:30pm PDT
, and jeremy and the studios sitting down. s on my homework -- or at least that's what my mom thinks. with high speed internet from at&t, i get my homework done fast, leaving me time to download movies and music and chat with my friends. mom: how's your studying? it's coming along! [ female announcer ] work faster, play more with our fastest internet speed ever... with speeds of up to 24 megs. or call now to get great deals on other high speed plans starting at $19.95 a month. please, i know what he's up to. high speed internet from at&t is so fast, that we get more done in less time, leaving me time to chat... watch movies... without teenage distractions. and it's affordable for our family. [ female announcer ] so choose the speed you need up to 24 megs. or call now to get other high-speed plans starting at $19.95 a month. plus get access to at&t's entire national wi-fi network on the go. cookies? boy: sure! tell your friends hi for me. ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. >> good evening, at extra special, a kid that made a good, jeremy lin was a great graduate, and it brid
Jul 5, 2010 5:30am EDT
a war of obama's choosing." here's abc2 news's jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: michael steele is trying to save his job but his own party members are talking. >> dismayed, angry, upset. >> i think the statements are wildly inaccurate. it's unacceptable. >> reporter: at a connecticut fundraiser steele spoke against the republican position on the war in afghanistan. >> this is a war of obama's choosing. this is not -- a war that - >> reporter: it's not his first mistake. he was quoted as saying abortion is a woman as individual choice while the party takes a pro-life position and also had to explain entertainment expenses of young republicans at a topless bar then there was the ins sult of the republican icon rush limbaugh. >> yes, it's ugly. >> reporter: republicans have had enough. >> mr. steele is going to have to assess as to whether he can still lead the republican party. >> reporter: but steele is not backing down. >> hi, mr. steele. >> not doing interviews, sorry. >> no comment at all? >> no, thanks. >> reporter: it's unlikely he'll be voted out but can he withstand the calls for
Jul 19, 2010 11:00pm PDT
list and name it addresst add >>> it's a dream come true for a bay area athlete. jeremy lynn is on the verge of becoming the first u.s.-born asian-american to play in the nba and the first livevy leagivn more than a half sentry. he's live where he was a star player. >> reporter: he wanted to walk across the street and attend the university. but he didn't get a scholarship, so he started at harvard instead but then no nba team drafted him. now he's about to prove his doubters wrong. >> comes up with the turover. >> reporter: it's plays like this during the summer league that quickly put jeremy high on the nba radar. i knew i could play. i just needed a chance. >> reporter: he took a chance and is now negotiating with several teams on a cross section and lynn doesn't plan to change much. >> a total dream come true. never thought it would come close to reality. >> reporter: he's a devout christian. the 6'4" point guard graduated with a 3.1 gpa from harvard, an economics major and may soon be the smartest player on the court. >> that's going to take adjustment, though. coming in
Jul 24, 2010 11:00pm PDT
elbow inflammation. he could be out the minimum 15 days or it could be season ending. >> jeremy lynn's life turned upside down after he went undrafted to a warriors' fan favorite? find out more on sports sunday. >>> meanwhile, one of his new teammates in action. curry and the white team playing scrimmage with team usa. derek rose, the baseline pass to the warrior. curry hitting the three. 14 points in this game. he was not the player of the game. in the fourth quarter that could be kevin durant. he finishes with the nice jam. he got a trophy for being the player of a game. the white beats the blue team. >> i have to go back to jeremy. he visited my son's basketball camp and could not be nicer. >> good to hear. thanks a lot. >>> up next, fund raisers for special olympics truly going the distance and the height. check it [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week. i even bought her a computer with my new citi forward card. then one day... have you seen this? she "friended" me. there's a whole album. [ laughs ] [ groans ] and started posting pictures. ♪ and ta
Jul 5, 2010 3:35am EDT
accuweather. good morning, eva. >> good morning, jeremy and vinita. it was a sizzling fourth of july for many in the fourth east. in fact, central park reached up to 96 yesterday. boston 95. portland up to 90 degrees. this heat is set to continue not only today but for the rest of the week. high pressure in control across the eastern seaboard. that is allowing for the clear skies to continue across the new york state thruway, also the i-95 corridor. that july sunshine pretty bright. temperatures will be once again into the 90s throughout this afternoon. 93 in syracuse. central park 98. even boston hitting 90. now the humidity is on the rise. so it's going to feel more sticky than it has felt the past couple of days. the humidity is nowhere near what it's going to be on tuesday as the dew points will be climbing even into the upper 60s. you combine high temperatures into the upper 90s and it's likely to feel as hot as 105, even 106. that is going to bring some heat advisories out to cities like philadelphia and even new york city as we go throughout this midweek. back to you, jeremy and vinita
Jul 9, 2010 5:00am EDT
. and 3-d is coming to the palm of your hand. jeremy hubbard has those stories and more. >>> sony brings 3-d to its point and shoot cameras. they feature a 3-d panorama mode. it captures a rapid-fire burst of pictures as you sweep the camera account. the software does the rest. you will not be able to see the effect on the view finder. if you will need a 3-d television or computer. the camera is released in september. a japanese company claims it has solved a problem. the company has developed a charger that needs only three minutes for 50% charge and five minutes for up to about 70% for the electric car. the company expects the charge to yin-stations all over japan by next month. microsoft is rolling out a new version of its hotmail e-mail service to some users. new features to address spam and goleta and divya tools to manage your in box -- andaddres spam and it gives a few tools to manage your in box. >> it is stacking up nicely against its competitors of yahoo! and gmail. >> pennsylvania residents can get wine in vending machines. you choose on a touch screen display, in your id, blew
Jul 9, 2010 4:30am EDT
. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us on this friday. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. ten russian spies deported from the united states, will be in the austrian capital of vienna today. >> in a scene out of a cold war era spy navl, the deal is for russians accused of spying for the united states. john hendren joins us now. >> reporter: you put it just right. it's like something out of a novel. it's the first spy swap between the u.s. and russia in 24 years. ten spies head for mother russia, a reminder that cold war-style espionage is alive and well. >> the cold war is over. but the game goes on. >> reporter: in an extraordinary spy swap, the russian spies pleaded guilty to acting as unregistered foreign agents. and were sent home after serving only 11 days. >> they feel under deep cover, a lot of time, they're sleepers. they stay dormant. >> reporter: after arriving in vienna today, they are expected to be exchanged for four russian prisoners, including igor sutyagin, who insists he is innocent. >> you come to america, to spy on americans in america, you will be exposed an
Jul 7, 2010 4:30am EDT
in washington with more. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy. good morning, vinita. here in washington and elsewhere was a day for the record books. while you see me once again sitting in air-conditioned splendor, outside, that dangerous heat wave continues. up and down the sweltering east coast, there is no relief. >> temperatures soaring in the triple-digits. >> a record-setting heat wave. >> another day of dangerous heat around here. >> reporter: the triple-digit temps will be just as hot today. >> it felt like you're sitting on a grill. and i'm the hamburger or hot dog. >> reporter: in the northeast, unusual extreme heat. looking for an air conditioner? sorry, this hardware store in portland, maine, is sold out. >> we have to say we're going to get some in at the end of the week. >> reporter: in new york city, 13 firefighters battling a blaze in heavy gear and baking 103-degree heat were rushed to the hospital. and all along the eastern seaboard, the power grid is strained to the breaking point. >> i do expect for isolated outages. >> reporter: closing the public libr
Jul 2, 2010 11:35pm EDT
into the tree tops to get a better and sometimes safer look at the red capped mangabey, as jeremy hubbard now reports. ♪ >> reporter: high atop this untouched rain forest, a red capped mangabey and a curious climatologist. >> they're here. the monkeys are here. >> reporter: down below, a four-ton killer. fast as an olympic sprinter who can trample humans in a heartbeat. >> these guys are hooked on getting charged by elephants. we're really not. >> reporter: this dangerous setting is the jungle of the central african nation of gaban, where a daring research project has been driven to higher ground. >> lovely to actually be at their level and you get the sounds all coming through this upper canopy. >> reporter: to this ramshackle tree house that will serve as home base for julie anderson. >> you know, we built this tree house and i'm really encouraged that they're not phased by it at all. >> reporter: living quarters 20 feet off the ground. observation deck, five stories high. safely out of reach of the four-tunnel fanlts roaming the forest floor down below. >> ah, ah, ah. >> reporter: for si
Jul 6, 2010 4:30am EDT
morning heat in our washington, d.c. bureau. good morning, john. >> good morning, jeremy and vinita. for people on the east coast, it's the kind of heat that radiates through your shoes. and it's only likely to get worse. it could be the worst heat wave in decades. >> brutal. >> 13 eastern states have issued extreme heat warnings, with baking temperatures today expected to top 100 degrees in new york, new jersey, philadelphia, and washington, d.c. >> it's hot. i have to wear a hat. i have to put sunscreen on every two or three hours. >> reporter: in new jersey, a heat watch. in washington, a code red day. by any name, it's a scorcher. >> hotter and hotter. we're used to the san francisco, 65 and foggy weather. >> reporter: in new york city yesterday, it felt like 108 degrees by afternoon. driving residents to 100 city cooling centers. of course, it's all relative. >> i just got back from iraq. this is like nothing. >> reporter: the high temperatures leave kids especially vulnerable. already this year, a record 19 children have died, trapped in hot cars. >> a typical car will heat up
Jul 31, 2010 6:30pm EDT
've seen. here's jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: a thrill for beachgoers. just yesterday an ominous dark fin protruding from the water. moments later this shark swam onto the jersey shore. turns out it was just a harmless sand shark, but other more menacing species have been causing a real scare along the northeast coast this summer leading to beach evacuations. at least one shark bite victim and on cape cod this weekend, a warning to stay off one beach. nearly a dozen great whites have been spotted in recent days lurking offshore. >> we're going to trek out there, see what we can see. >> the beach here is so beautiful. and even if we can't swim, we love to walk the beach. >> reporter: today shark experts converged on massachusetts on a daring great white hunt. here's how it works. an airplane pilot spots the shark, radios down to a boat captain. a crew member then uses a harpoon to attach a satellite tag. >> he will place the tag at the base of the shark's dorsal fin, and the tag archives information about temperature, depth and light levels. >> reporter: in exactly six months, the tag will
Jul 1, 2010 4:30am EDT
morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. what a difference in a few hours. last night, on the same balcony, and in 30 minutes i had a hood full of water in my jacket. the rain has completely stopped. the wind and the rough surf persists. alex made landfall last night as a category 2 hurricane. it's since been downgraded to a category 1. and it's expected to weaken as it moves further inland. alex's arrival was proceeded by tornado touchdowns in texas and forced evacuations on both sides of the border. some residents rode out the storms in shelters. >> we didn't have plywood for the windows. there wasn't protection for our house. >> reporter: with sustained winds of yearly 105 miles per hour, alex hit a mostly unpopulated area of mexico. the tornadoes knocked down trees and caused this fireworks stand to flip on its side. heavy winds caused officials to close the bridge that leads here to south padre island. >> we drove about 1,200 miles from carolton, georgia, trying to get away from the oil. we got here on sunday. and found a hurricane. so, we've got to make the
Jul 6, 2010 3:05am EDT
it apparently. all right, stick around for willis. >> welcome back, willis. >> good morning, i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> it is another day of dangerously hot weather for much of the east and parts of the midwest. >> forecasters say the warm air is going to stay put for several days. the heat will be felt again in several states. our coverage begins with mike marusarz. good morning, mike. >> reporter: forecasts are calling for highs over 100 degrees today in several cities across the northeast. a region that is bracing for a potentially record-setting heat wave. no matter what you call it, you can definitely feel it. >> brutal. >> it's hot. i have to wear a hat, i have to put sunscreen on every two or three hours. >> reporter: a heat wave is suffocating the eastern seaboard. >> it's all about staying in the shade, keeping cool, getting the hat wet. >> reporter: from boston to d.c. and its surrounding suburbs where monday morning parts of an arlington neighborhood lost electricity. no power no, air conditioning. >> eric heard the generators making all this noise and that's when we
Jul 2, 2010 3:05am EDT
conversation with jeremy piven. >> you'll hear about the new season of "entourage" and a controversy on a broadway stage. one day it will be you. next. >>> well, the new season of hbo's "entourage" premiered this week and the ego of ari gold, the character played by jeremy piven, is bigger than ever. >> maybe it's the name jeremy. peter traverse, host of "abc's news now popcorn" input into the show as well as controversial input on broadway. >> "entourage" is beginning its seventh season. >> yeah. >> when you're all developing this show and it's happening and ari gold starts small and becomes this figure that we all kind of gravitate towards, why do we all like him so much? what are we drawn to in arri? >> i think first of all the first thing you can't do is judge your characters. and even though this is a character that wouldn't have the patience for jeremy piven as an actor, because i'm looking for great pieces to do, i love doing the stage. so my main concern isn't money. ari gold's main concern is money. we're kind of working two different takes on what we're doing. so i can't ju
Jul 7, 2010 3:05am EDT
that. back to you, jeremy and vinita. >> yikes, that doesn't sound good. >>> now for the rest of your forecast. stormy texas to missouri to minnesota today. up to 4 inches of rain and flash flooding there. thunderstorms stretching into florida. downpours in new mexico and colorado. >> heating up in the northwest. near 90 in seattle, salt lake city, and boise. fargo climbs to 80. omaha 85. chicago 91. it's 92 in dallas and 90 in miami. we're hotter than dallas and miami. >>> storms heading for the gulf could disrupt work to contain the gushing oil there. a new vessel that will be able to collect 50,000 barrels a day is partially hooked up but rough seas could slow down its capability. a new investigation by the associated press finds the gulf is a potential environmental land mine. the report says there are more than 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells. >>> three people accused of being deep cover agents for russia are due in a virginia courtroom this morning. the suspect using the name michael zotolli and his wife, along with a third man, have confessed their true russian identities. t
Jul 7, 2010 3:05am EDT
act a little bit. we'll talk about that moments from now. good morning, i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> heat advisories are in effect again today as millions in the northeast face triple digit temperatures. >> extreme heat is being >> triple digit heat is being blamed for the death of an elder woman in pennsylvania, philadelphia exactly, where the thermometer hit a record 102 degrees. here's larry jacobs. >> reporter: for all those who call the east coast home there was little relief from tuesday's blistering heat even as night fell. all day long the unprecedented heat broke records. >> temperatures soaring into triple digits. >> a record-setting heat wave -- >> another day of dangerous heat. >> reporter: pushing people's patience to the limit. no one knows this more than philadelphia's sahid diller. he lays asphalt for a living. >> feel like you're sitting on the grill, i'm the hamburger or the hot dog. >> reporter: new york city, 13 firefighters battling a blaze were rushed to the hospital, their heavy uniforms and gear unbearable in 103-degree heat. >> this is abou
FOX News
Jul 29, 2010 3:00pm EDT
and technology editor jeremy kaplan is with us. at the end you find out it's only stuff facebook users designated as for public consumption. >> it's horrifying to hear. when you read the headline, i read between 100 million and 50 million users data is in the database available and potentially hackers, criminals, can access this and use it to hack into -- steal your account, evil things people do with data on line. the reality, as you point out, it's information that's already publicly available. >> shepard: if you're a facebook users, go in and decide what's public and private. i always go with whatever you put on line, no matter how private is seems or how private they claim it will be, if you put it on line -- i don't know. >> if it's something you wouldn't post on a giant billboard in times square, don't post it on facebook but people don't think about that. facebook has a robust list of settings. some argue it's too robust, too many options and people don't know what to do. >> if you go in and spend time there, you can adjust just about every piece of information. just people you're friends
Jul 31, 2010 8:00am EDT
from new orleans this morning. >>> now, for the rest of the morning's headlines, our friend, jeremy hubbard back with us. hey. >> good morning, everyone. former vice president al gore has been cleared by police in portland, oregon, of allegations he sexually assaulted a masseuse, ending a four-year case of he said/she said. the masseuse, molly hagerty, says gore demanded sex acts during a massage in his room, at this portland hotel in 2006. >> he immediately flipped me flat on my back and threw his whole body facedown on top of me. >> reporter: but police say hagerty waited six weeks to file a report. then, canceled three interviews with them to open a civil suit. she didn't give her testimony to police until last year. >> al gore opened the door. and i introduced myself, saying, hello, i'm your massage therapist. >> reporter: three weeks ago, the case was reopened, after hagerty spoke to "the national enquirer." but late friday, district attorney michael schrunk said there was no grounds for prosecution, due to lack of evidence. police say there was no evidence on hagerty's clothes
FOX News
Jul 6, 2010 3:00am EDT
crowe has against the initials tp and possibly warn tom petty. and what was jeremy piven doing in the back of a sushi restaurant? unless it is what you think. >> thank you andy. >> i apologize for nothing. >> don't know what it means. go away, strange, sad and bitter man. >>> let's welcome our guest. i'm here with author and columnist sc cup. her late e book is called "losing our religion." she is so hot heat-seeking missiles follow her home from work. look, it is the delightful and lovely imogen lloyd web three names. she is the author of the book "girls survival guide." she is so sweet just looking at her will rot are your teeth. and america's sweetheart, bill shultz. fun fact, bill actually invented hepatitis a b and c. working on d aren't you? and sitting next to me, the wonderful comedian jim norton. if hilarity was a shingle, i would nail him on my roof. probably shirtless. 1k3* he has been keeping hobos warm since 1981. good to see you. >> according to the science section, daydreaming is good
Jul 8, 2010 11:00pm EDT
, they did a little bit queasy. there was a rough start tonight for jeremy guthrie. josh hamilton, he is hitting anybody right now. this is his second home run of the year. texas had a comfortable 4-0 lead. welcome back. here is a solo shot, making it 4-2. now the bases are loaded, 4-3. very oliver was out of control. that hit him on the hand. then the game was tied 4-4. then they take the lead without taking the bat. orioles had the surprising victory. we need the john deere classic to balance out the competitive then appeareend. he got a birdie for a round of 59. on the three others in pga history have ever gone up slow. he is sticking it to about 7 feet. gordos has it in the books. they combined for the lowest number in the same attorney, in the same round of a pga tourney ever. the firsten's open, round, one of the best ball- strikers in the game had trouble with the slapstick. -- with the flat stick. an amateur at the u.s. open was played spectacularly. she nestled up, playing a perfect wave. she cards -- playing it perfectly. stay with us. we will ♪ storyteller: hey diddle did
Jul 21, 2010 10:36pm PDT
ahead story going on with the warriors as they sign palo alto high star jeremy lynn who went undrafted, was extremely impressive in summer league ball. four years at harvard. the six foot three inch guard became a bit of a cult figure after scoring 30 points against yukon. the 13th ranked team in the country. for lynn a dream come true. walking into that warriors locker room is something more as an invited visitor. >> i walked into that locker room about an hour ago and i saw my name tag up there. that was pretty crazy. >> well, my dream was to play in the nba and now i get to do it for the warriors, the team that i grew up watching. like you said, it's more than a dream come true. it's as possible. i am also extremely excited to play here. i am very thankful for the opportunity. >> that will be a great story if he makes the team. just finally the stage was empty at the tour de france. a rough day with resumption tomorrow. alberto contadoor is spill sporting that yellow jersey as the leader. >> that warrior story is great. >> good stuff. >> i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somervil
Jul 21, 2010 11:00pm PDT
-year-old jeremy linsigning today. backcourt performer. in 2006 he was the high school player of the year at palo alto high school. warriors will give him a chance. >> it's an honor. at the same time i consider myself more of a basketball player. i am ready to play at this level more than being asian american. >> he is the first asian american player signed by the warriors in 63 years. davidly will misthe next six weeks -- david lee will miss the next six weeks. the only thing i am worried about this lin, when you go to harvard and the coach says -- if you are too smart, jackie, you probably dated men that are too smart, you prefer guys, not gumb, but -- not dumb, but you want a real smart guy. you like them slower, right? >> no. those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at
Jul 22, 2010 6:30pm PDT
. >> hello. i am jeremy. i am partial property owner of the building between lombard, 441443. although i do not oppose the entire project, i oppose a fourth floor that maximizes the wicked and the length of the lot. -- width and the length of the lot. it would make it completely dart and make the area -- dark and make the area harder to rent out. >> rose marie. >> good evening, vice president and commissioners. my name is milligan. for 50 years i lived on the the street. i currently occupy an office at union and columbus. discretionary view process is long and difficult road. there are reasons, exceptional and extraordinary to unjustified this process application. this is a reiteration that i tried to simplify. the exceptional because that is situated between two alley streets 17.5 inches wide. there are only three force-story buildings on each experian -- four-story buildings on edith. extraordinary. because of the history of development of telegraph hill by our regional planners. narrow avenues that would only support small business. extraordinary because there is no purpose or need to se
Jul 8, 2010 5:00am EDT
glitch to frustrate the apple facebook. youtube as a new plan to keep you tunes in. jeremy hubbard has those stories. >> you tube is aiming to become more like the bluetoooob tube. it serves videos one after the other, chosen on what users have watched in the past. youtube thinks it will be more like watching television because you don't have to search for something new to watch every few minutes. the company wants to do all the work for the viewers some day and make remote control unnecessary. at&t is taking the blame for software defect in its network that is limiting the day of low speeds to the new iphone in some areas, meaning it takes longer to send pictures, video, and other content. at&t is fixing the problem. last week apple issued an apology for a software glitch that overstates the signal strength. americans are increasingly using their cell phones like computers. dramatic growth in the use of telephones to do things other than make calls. taking pictures and texting are the most popular. after that people are surfing the web, playing games, checking e-mail, and recording vi
Jul 2, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >>> money can't buy happiness apparently. we are standing by for the latest jobs report as well. jeremy hubbard has those stories and more. >>> we begin with the most important economic report, the government releases the june jobs report this morning. if employers likely cut 110,000 workers while the unemployment rate likely increased to 9.8%. that includes census jobs that came to an end. economists will focus more on private businesses forecasts to add workers. toyota is recalling vehicles. seven lexus models and other vehicles worldwide could have a flaw that could make them stall while they are moving. there is a strange noise coming from the engine, but there have been no accidents reported. for the recovery in the automotive industry are showing signs of stalling. sales slowed last month for as people held off on big purchases because of high unemployment and uncertainty about the economy. gm's sales slipped as well as ford and chrysler. technology has transformed the movie business. blockbuster will be delisted from the new york stock exchange. its value and stock price are too
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